Green logistics vehicle
Solar Cold Chain Vehicle Solution

The cold-chain logistics vehicle is an burgeoning express way to guide the market in the future. As people's requirements on the life quality grow, the freshness-retaining and quality-guaranteeing transportation, especially the one of fruits, vegetables and fresh foods, will need the whole-course cold chain which is a higher requirement on the whole transport system. During the transport process, the solar thin film can provide the sustainable power supply that it will be the powerful support to this field.

■ Asist the logistics and express delivery industry in China to grow and develop fast

■ Simplize the charging process, promote the express operating capacity, and care the courier

■ Adopt the flexible thin film technology that is long in service life and sufficient in science and technology sense

■ Make use of the MPPT technology to achieve the maximum application of the solar energy

■ Match up with Hanergy Cloud Platform, make use of the internet, achieve the data sharing, trade with the carbon credit, and respond fast to the malfunction

■ With the real-time data shown by the power-distribution display monitoring system, such as the voltage, the current, the power, the battery electric quantity and the operation information, the actual operation situation of the vehicle can be demonstrated directly and the operating condition reports of the system will be automatically produced throughout the year.