Soalr, storage and charge integration
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System features, functions, values

■ Adopt the DC storage and distribution system that can save a certain proportion of equipment cost when compared with the traditional new energy AC system

■ Make use of the valley electricity storage to match up with the solar and save more cost and energy for the owner at daytime

■ The high-power fast charging pile can provide a low-price commercial charging business to the operating vehicle and the private car 

■ The peak clipping and valley filling achieved by the system can continuously supply power to the important load.

■ A big number of micro sensing intelligent operation and maintenance online diagnosis full-view integration 

■ The maximum-power photovoltaic tracking, the high utilization rate, the economic vehicle charging strategy, the peak-shifting power utilization, the intelligent energy storage, the dynamic balace with light, vehicle and grid.

■ The real-time data of the power distribution display and monitoring system, such as the voltage, the current, the power, the battery electric quantity, the operating information of the charging pile, can directly show the operation condition of the system.The working condition reports will be automatically produced throughout the year. 

■ Using energy storage and PV system, it is feasible to expand the capacity of the electrical equipment under the condition of no transformer capacity.